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BTC Executive Balan Nair makes fun of the Bahamian Prime Minister 

Statement From The Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party
On Comments By Balan Nair Of BTC/Liberty

For Immediate Release

15 July 2019

There is a video circulating widely on social media of Balan Nair, an executive of Liberty, the company that is the ultimate parent of BTC, the Bahamian phone company. The comments made to a group of Jamaican employees of the company are derogatory and derisory of Bahamians and the Bahamian work ethic. They were disrespectful in the extreme to the Bahamian Prime Minister.

It is not for us to defend the Bahamian Prime Minister with whom we fundamentally disagree, but since the comments are actually disrespectful to the office of the Prime Minister, they are therefore offensive to us all. 

The executive makes fun of the Prime Minister, saying that the Bahamian Prime Minister was unable to look him in the eyes even as the Prime Minister told him that more Bahamians needed to be hired by BTC.

The Liberty executive’s comments come against the backdrop of bad service by BTC, the unreliability of his platforms both telephonic and data, and the absence of any indication of forward planning and investment in The Bahamas. In fact, this executive has a nerve to make fun of Bahamians and the Prime Minister when their company, Liberty, seems only interested in extracting profits, dismissing employees, stripping the company of its assets and moving jobs overseas. 

Mr. Liberty executive, the laugh and joke are on you. You simply run a company poorly and it has nothing to do with Bahamians and their productivity.

We now turn our attention to the FNM and this Prime Minister and his team:

If they had any national pride, they would have struck back at this Liberty executive, essentially telling him that given his views about Bahamians and the Prime Minister, he and his company are no longer welcome here and they must find a home elsewhere. 

The FNM has fostered an atmosphere in this country which allows rich and wealthy investors, both foreign and domestic, to believe that money entitles them to do and act as they please. 

This is regrettable.

Clearly no PLP government would allow or countenance this attack on and insult of our national sensibilities.