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Preachers in black; this group of naysayers turned up to mark the presentation of the gaming legislation and they said to mark the death of democracy. The photo is by Peter Ramsay of BIS.
Preachers in black; this group of naysayers turned up to mark the presentation of the gaming legislation and they said to mark the death of democracy. The photo is by Peter Ramsay of BIS.

The PLP describes what it is doing now as the heavy lifting part of its agenda. It hopes to get all this done before the end of the year and so has skipped the usual summer break for Parliament to get it done. There are the bills to amend the constitution, viagra sale try the changes to the gaming laws and the value added tax legislation. Each has been controversial and brought a split in the PLP’s own coalition in the House of Assembly.

Here is our take on all of this. We support unequivocally the moves of the PLP. If anything we just believe that the PLP has been too tentative, cialis generic trying to please too many people, instead of simply moving ahead with what it has to do. This is not a “ what do you think moment”. This is a “ damn the torpedoes moment”. When 1st January comes this stuff should be behind the PLP and on to getting the country to accept and re-elect the PLP in 2017.

In the movie The Lion In Winter, the Queen says when the king asks her how he is going to be stopped by her, she replies: “ I don’t have to stop you, I only have to delay you.”

That is the deal here. The Opposition FNM throws up one red herring after the next. Delay. The backbenchers throw up their own red herrings, more delay. The preachers, they come dressed in black to the House of Assembly, and more red herrings, more delay. The radio talk show hosts, are busy spreading false propaganda all over the place, more delay. Stall! Delay! Defer! That is the name of the game throughout the country and amongst the 53 per cent that voted against the PLP in the 2012 general election.

There is no reason for these people to oppose any of these pieces of legislation. There is nothing wrong with the legislation. The Gaming legislation is the best we can do for now. The perfect compromise between removing the discrimination and protecting the market for web shops from collapsing. The VAT is absolutely necessary and people have to start paying taxes if they want government services. The bills for equality for women are simple and clear. All the nonsense by these idle preachers about same sex marriages are red herrings. The answer is to vote yes.

So a word to the PLP: get on with it. If you delay any more, there will be more trouble than you can imagine politically

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. Get on with this. Stop being so tentative and act.
A word to the wise is sufficient.

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