The PLP Should Stop Being Fearful, Stick Together And Kick Ass

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Leslie Miller’s unfortunate comments to the press last week that PLP MPs will be gone after the next election gave the FNM and the DNA a gift that may keep on giving during the general election campaign.  It is classic case of the fishermen calling his own fish stick, and shooting oneself in the foot.  Mamma used to say even if you think it, you just don’t say it. The PLP though is suffering from that kind of malaise it seems.  These phonies (FNMs in disguise) who put on this recent “neutral” march on Friday 25 November, were able to get the Prime Minister to write them a letter to come to his office, baffling the PLPs who have been trying to see him for weeks and months, and we know that his meeting this marching crew them aint going to change one thing about them.  It was a noble gesture but it’s the kind of gesture that passes no muster with a crowd that is essentially FNM.  In fact yesterday they publicly announced that they won’t be coming to meet him. They hate Perry Christie; they hate the PLP and there is nothing that he can do or we can do to change that.  So the response to them should have been to bite his thumb at them and tell them the devil take the hindmost. Let’s go back to our old and familiar analysis.  The PLP won the general election on a plurality.  That means in the popular vote the PLP got 47 per cent, the FNM and the DNA got a combined 53 per cent of the vote.  What about that math don’t people understand?  It means that most people in the country in 2012 opposed the PLP.  Do you think that has changed?  The question is does that math make a difference today?  Yes it does because the same result could ensue, based on the same logic and calculations.  The problem is PLP’s self confidence in itself.  Lots of bitterness has been engendered because things have not gone right in many ways.  Seems that there is a certain obtuseness, tone deafness racism, anti-Bahamian streak which permeates elites at levels in our country and it has not escaped the elites in the PLP.  The result is the Black people, and poor black people, the near do wells who see the PLP as their last hope of getting a good break from the society that treats them normally like dirt, are pissed to no end.  It appears that their concerns are dismissed.  At the base though of the PLP, in its heart it is still the black man’s party, the poor man’s party and the call now is for it to get back to its roots, stick together and kick ass.   At this point, letter writing, talking aint gonna do it.  Talk is cheap, money buys land.  December 2016 dictates that it’s time for a Hail Mary Fucking pass.  Don’t say we didn’t tell ya.