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13 August 2020

The Prime Minister’s statement on the pandemic from his redoubt of Covid induced isolation was an unseemly political attack on the Leader of the Opposition. All people of goodwill reject it as utter nonsense. It was an exercise in deflection from the real issues that face this country. It was as long as Pinocchio’s nose.

When will the Prime Minister understand that the Leader of the Opposition is not the issue here? The Prime Minister’s blunders are the issue. Remember Prime Minister you said yourself that you don’t listen to Brave. So why then do you keep calling his name?

When will you confess that it was your decision to open the borders of this country without proper protocols that has us in this Covid mess now? Will you at least admit that wrong doing?

When will you see the long lines at the food stores and the pharmacies, hear the cries of the faithful to worship in church, allow the grieving to bury their dead, allow those in love to marry, hear the cries of the fathers and mothers for food and jobs and money and medicine, protect our health care workers, the nurses and doctors and emergency personnel, the public servants? You are working the police and the defence force off their feet. You are locking up our young people for selling conch salad, guineps, and coconuts.

You should hang your head in shame to be attacking our leader.

This is no time for election rhetoric. These are serious times. Election day will come sooner rather than later and with God’s help, you will meet the fate and destiny you deserve and then depart and leave us alone in peace.

When our members read the falsehoods in your statement, I reminded them of the old story in our country. When you throw a rock in the chicken coop and you hear squawking, you must have hit one of the chickens.