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Statement From The Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party
On Organization For Responsible Governance

For Immediate Release

1 August 2019

It has been brought to the attention of the Progressive Liberal Party, that one Robert Myers has demanded of the party that it confirm that when in government it intends to stick by the recently passed and ill conceived legislation on so called fiscal responsibility.

The PLP has no obligation to confirm or deny any such thing in the face of a demand from an organization that is not credible. This organization is one of a group of Fred Smith Q C affiliated organizations that engaged in a sustained propaganda campaign of disinformation and FNM talking points in the last general election  campaign. Try as they might they cannot wipe that stain of political bias from their organization. Those FNM talking points continue today.

Further, the public record with statements from both the Leader and the Deputy Leader  show the PLP’s position on the fiscal responsibility legislation. It is all show to please the foreign minders but can be dispensed with by the Finance Minister at the stroke of a pen.

It is amazing that Mr Myers would jump to demand from the PLP that it must confirm an intention to comply before checking and saying whether the FNM government has in fact complied. We believe that they have not.

In fact despite all the talk about cleaning up corruption, the FNM has presided over a drop even lower on the Transparency International Index.

Mr. Myers himself has a credibility problem having confessed to cheating Bahamas Customs. A good place to start with fiscal responsibility might well be for each citizen to pay his or her taxes.

The PLP has always been fiscally responsible notwithstanding the propaganda to the contrary. The PLP has always followed the law and will continue to do so in a manner, where it is constitutional and administratively lawful.

The FNM speaks with forked tongue on the matter. They speak one thing but line the pockets of their supporters with government deals. The Organization for Responsible Governance is silent on these peccadilloes. When they begin to act with an even hand, perhaps the PLP might pay some attention to what they have to say.