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And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never shared
No one dared
Disturb the sound of silence

Simon and Garfunkel                

We enter the danger zone once more, (obviously we don’t take a hint) with a summary of what is now in the public domain about a potential challenge to the Leadership of the PLP at the next convention of the party set for 1st November.

Many people have had their say in social media and in the mainstream press.  In this week’s column we publish the words of  Leslie Miller, Philip Galanis, George Smith, Senator Allyson Gibson, Minister of Labour Shane Gibson, Bradley Kemp, a Stalwart Councilor and another anonymous Councilor of the PLP.

The Prime Minister was quoted as having warned the Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of the Party Philip Brave Davis to resign or face expulsion from the Cabinet. 

Messrs. Miller, Smith and Galanis say that there should be a challenge to the PLP’s Leader.

Stalwart Councilor Bradley Kemp and other anonymous councilors say there should not be a challenge.

When you read the PLP sites, it appears that their prevailing public view is that there should not be a challenge. They want the status quo to remain.  At the same time, they are broadly dissatisfied with the state of play in the country, its governance and in the party. 

The Prime Minister says he will have none of it.  No one is going to put a gun to his head and force him out, without notice.

The bitterness and recriminations  against people who were friends just as recently as two weeks ago have begun.

The man who is at the centre of the storm so to speak  Philip Davis presided as Acting Prime Minister  last week speaking in Abaco and defending the government, speaking in Grand Bahama.

The Prime Minster was out of the country on business and had no further comments on the matter.

In the old days, everyone knew that if Sir Lynden Pindling had a candidate for something at the convention, they knew that Arthur Hanna would oppose it.

Perry Christie knows how he spoke up for Franklyn Wilson when Sir Lynden Pindling stripped away Mr. Wilson’s nomination in 1977.

Bradley Roberts, the Party  Chairman, says that he asked the Deputy Prime Minister not to run against the Prime Minister at the next convention.

People will remember when Arthur Hanna resigned from the Cabinet and how Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie were fired that day and George Smith and Kendal Nottage resigned on 10th October 1984 how Mr. Hanna who had served for 18 years as Deputy Prime Minister was vilified within a hot minute.  At PLP rallies, they would play the song when he came on “ Nobody move! Nobody get hurt!”.   That was a popular song at the time by the Reggae artist Yellow Man out of Jamaica.  Obviously from the cowboy movies with a gun pointed at the people in the saloon.  It infuriated his wife Beryl Hanna.

Well.  The people who support Mr. Davis with the exception of Mr. Galanis are silent.  Mr. Davis himself has said nothing.

The sounds of silence. 

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