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On Wednesday 15 October 2020, the Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party Philip Davis appeared one on one with Clint Watson on Beyond The Headlines.  The programme was a one hour tour de force of the life, work and times of Philip Davis and what we can expect from him in the government. This is a fitting pushback on all the propaganda about Mr. Davis about his work as an attorney, the lie about his inability to travel to the United States and the fact that he is a totally different man from Perry Christie. The Christie era is over in the PLP that much should be clear.

The response on Facebook is just a measure of how well he did. According to the stats, there were fourteen thousand views, 167 likes and 5,000 comments.

The PLP troops were chuffed about the whole thing.

We thought that it was about time that the Leader rose to his own defence

We cannot continue to allow these fakes in the FNM to define who the Leader of the PLP is.

There is a lot of unsaid prejudice about Brave Davis within and without the PLP.  You almost want to say that there is a conspiracy of sorts  where the elite political class, and the  near whites, what Colin Hughes called the “associational whites”  do not want to see a short black man from Rolle Avenue in charge of this country, who does not pay obeisance to that sector of society, thus viciousness of the entirely prejudicial attacks on Mr. Davis.

We have a lot more work to do. But the interview was a good start.