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The PLP is acting more and more like an organization that does not understand politics.  One year and a quarter into its term of office, it appears that it is allowing itself to become a punching bag for any nonsense to be spun by the dishonest folks in the FNM.  The release from the Office of the Prime Minister on the threats of death on Friday 3 February 2023 was an example of something that’s an example of being a little light in the loafers.  The fact is a threat of death was called into the Prime Minister’s office. Yet the headline for the OPM’s press statement was a “purported threat”.  So it gave the impression that the OPM didn’t believe its own press statement. More than that, it is time that the statements call out these miscreants for what they are. The troops need to be armed and they are not getting the vim and vigour which is needed to fight the evil FNM. But what do we know?