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The Chief Defender of political wrongdoing and the chief prosecutor of PLPs is Carl Bethel, the Attorney General.  He is always in the paper calling out some ingenious or disingenuous saying about government misdeeds. He had two doozies last week.  One was calling the legal objections of the FNM led Bar against two lawyers brought in to work here “ political”.  The other we report here is defending the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis who said in response to  the allegations by Ian Goodfellow of Abaco that he called up the Commissioner of Police and told him to bring Mr. Goodfellow in and ask him to supply the evidence of the request for 30, 000 dollars for a government meeting.  Mr. Goodfellow had made the allegation at a public meeting in front of the Minister for Disaster Iram Lewis.  The Attorney General claimed that the Prime Minister like every citizen has a right to make a complaint to the police.  Except that is not what the Prime Minister said.  He said he called up the Commissioner of Police and told him to bring in Mr. Goodfellow. That is quite a different thing than making a complaint.  Nice try AG but it does wash. It is straight out interreference and politically directing the police by the Prime Minister.