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We guess there was a reason that Pindling, Ingraham and Christie all decided to be Ministers of Finance.  He who holds the purse controls the situation.  So the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis must be really getting tired of Peter Turnquest, the bean counter, that he appointed to the job.  The Prime Minister has said on several occasions that there is be a rental assistance programme. That was at least four weeks ago when he first said it. To date here is no rental assistance programme.  It looks like there won’t be one either. The Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest told us last week that there is a conundrum about this and they cannot figure out how to deliver on their rental assistance programme. How do we translate that? We don’t think there is any conundrum.  We think the problem is Mr. Turnquest cannot and will not deliver on the Prime Minister’s promise because there is no money.  The banks have told the FNM they have no appetite to lend them any more money. The Minister ought to come forward and tell us the true facts.  Mr. Minnis of course must be smarting.  Here he is Prime Minister and cannot deliver on a simple promise like rental assistance because of his Minister of Finance. Boy oh boy!