The PM Obsessed With Social Media

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Nassau Guardian file photo

 Every time the Prime Minister has spoken on the matter of the Corona virus and why he had to put the emergency order into place giving him power over life and death, he has been obsessing about social media.  This is in line with the thinking of his party that they need to stop the PLP from influencing the next election by the use of social media.  First the Speaker of the House suggested a law needed to be passed. Now they have had the opportunity to seize power, they have put in the regulations that if there are social media posts which incite the public, which the Prime Minister called : “fake news” then you can go to jail and be heavily fined. Of course, the FNM has a nerve to complain about “fake news”. They ran through their surrogates the most salacious and nasty campaign on social media in the last general election. So whatever happens to them, they deserve it.