The Post Office

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The picture shows the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis at the opening of the now transferred general post office main branch to the Town Centre Mall.  The new Post Office the poster sheet example of how corrupt the FNM is and that they speak with forked tongue.  They gave Brent Symonette a contract for 900,000 per year to put the post office in the run down Town Centre Mall which Mr. Symonette owns.  This will put some 4.5 million dollars in his pocket and rescue the failing mall from falling apart.  Oh yes, Mr. Symonette just happens to be the Minister responsible for Immigration and Financial Services and Investment. He got the FNM boys (and we use the term ‘boys’ decidedly) to pass a resolution in the House of Assembly which okays his accepting a contract from the Government.  This deal is as crooked as a cork screw. In the process, the FNM cancelled an existing contract with Scott Godet for the post office.  He is a Black businessman, so that made him expendable in the face of the White Brent Symonette. The penalties for cancelling the contract will be in the millions of dollars but that means nothing to these crooked FNMs who talk with forked tongue about corruption but they are a corrupt as the day is long.