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tadalafil look times;”>Tennyson Wells said last week amongst other things that the PLP is just as factionalized as the FNM.  In that he is wrong.  The PLP is a united organization.  It is united in the thought of staying in government and winning the elections and staying together for that purpose.  It is easy though to see why even someone with the smarts of Mr. Wells might think so.  If you paid attention to the newspapers in The Bahamas and you were PLP, buy viagra you would go hide.  It is that bad.  There is just one steady stream of anti PLP rhetoric and reporting.  Nothing is going right.  The fact is National Health Insurance for example is going right and the opponents are on the wrongs ide of history.  Eileen Carron who runs The Tribune and Candia Dames who runs The Nassau Guardian are both united in a couple of things. First they don’t like Perry Christie and the PLP and secondly they don’t like Hubert Minnis and the FNM as it is constituted under him.  They don’t hide that. Their biases don’t escape the news pages of either paper.  The result is an unexpurgated, steady stream of unadulterated propaganda meant to discredit both the PLP and the FNM.  Then they will pronounce that the country has failed.  We hope that it helps them sell newspapers.  That is about all its good for because it defies common sense.