The Prime Minister Gets An Apology From FNM Torchbearer At Arawak Cay

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This is a facsimile of a letter that is sent by one Lyndon Wallace who says he is 21 years of age and a Torchbearer, that is the youth arm of the Free National Movement.  You may remember a video that went viral on line that showed a young man speaking to the Prime Minister on the first opening weekend of the Fish Fry at Arawak Cay.  He called out to the Prime Minister as “ Minnis” and asked him if he wanted a drink.  That did not go down well with the older and “dickty” crowd. They thought it disrespected the Office of Prime Minister.  It took them a while but it appears they have pressured him into apologizing. The facsimile is the apology with a comment added on top.