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best cialis times, viagra canada serif;”>Description: Prime Minister Perry Christie.
Tribune file photo

The Prime Minister Perry Christie responded to the comments of Philip Galanis that he was delusional to say that there was no one who could take his place if he left the leadership of the PLP. He spoke on 22 July at the naming of the Water and Sewerage Building after George Moss, the first General Manager of the Corporation. Here is what The Tribune quoted Mr Christie as saying:

“I would say that given the season we’re in, I’m a subject for the hunters. So it’s so good to see my former colleague Prime Minister [Hubert Ingraham] walk in on this occasion because I know he wouldn’t call me delusional.
“I am almost tempted to suggest to him that he explain to those who are here why it not so, why he himself wouldn’t do so because he knows and that’s as far as I go.”