The Prime Minister Was Ducking Saying He Was Meeting The Police

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The press was looking for the new Minister of Health pro tempore. He is of course the Prime Minister, the so called Competent Authority, under the Covid 19 Emergency Order.  The press thought that on his early days on the job as  Minister of Health, he would be anxious to answer all their questions.  But no he was busy.  Busy doing nothing of course. The health officials said they had no idea where he was.  They had the task of answering the questions. But political questions they could not. Eventually the press found him, a few days later on 7 May 2020 , the same day as the last Health Ministry press conference. There he is in a picture whispering sweet nothings to the top brass of the police force.  Very kind of him. We are sure the police force was grateful and learned a lot. But in the face of a health crisis was this best utilization of his time?  Just asking for a friend.