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The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis lost his audience after 30 seconds. It was a boring, dull and flat address. Well into the address, it became clear what the PLP has been saying about this man Hubert Minnis, is that he is absolutely clueless about how to be Prime Misner and what he is supposed to be doing to move this country forward. He is also a grand thief of ideas.  There was not one new initiative.  The national address which ate up national television time to promote the FNM simply listed a number of projects which the PLP had started or initiated or approved and the FNM is now finishing them.  They are finishing them even though they trashed them while the PLP was in power.  This is quite a crooked bunch.  We never get tired of saying what the Chairman of the PLP always says; the FNM is crooked to its core.