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cialis sales mind times;”>When PLP leaders get on the stage these days, best viagra purchase they boast about the fact of the major Heads of Agreements that have been signed and with the number of jobs that these projects have created.  Amongst the more prominent Bimini Bay in Bimini, illness Memories in Grand Bahama, Sandals in Exuma and Baker’s Bay in Bimini. We think that these investments are great and certainly the jobs created are fantastic.  Nothing like seeing all those young men piling on and jumping off the ferry that takes them to and from work in Marsh Harbour.  A Friday evening is a joy; there is no much money in circulation.  There is an issue however that the PLP and its leaders must deal with.  There is an underlying sourness and dissatisfaction with all of these investments.  The underlying issue is the same.  People accuse the government of selling out to foreigners, allowing them to abuse them on the job, speak to them anyway, that Immigration is helpless when it comes to solving the problems, that Bahamian contractors don’t get the opportunities to make the money that they should out of all the monies being spent.  They accuse the Bahamians on the payroll of these enterprises as being fronts for selling out their own people. The words are harsh.  That is the crux of the issue now front and centre in Grand Bahama with the alleged insult by the Memories Manager of the children of  Grand Bahama Youth Choir.  It is a huge political problem in Grand Bahama.  So as the party faces the year 2016, it should be well aware of what is awaiting us in the trenches and what is going to be required is a reconnect and a recommitment to the faithful, the masses and to the Majority Rule project and all that political independence was supposed to bring.  It was to bring happiness not sourness.