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Statement from The Progressive Young Liberals 

25 June 2020


Young people across this nation are incensed and disappointed with the conduct of Attorney General Carl Bethel in the Senate today.

Mr. Bethel, a 59 year old male and seasoned politician stood today to personally attack Senator Davis, in a way that is most unbecoming of any parliamentarian. Instead of debating facts, he decided to speak to her in the most condescending and inappropriate manner.

Any right thinking Bahamian with a mother or daughter, sister or aunt, should detest Mr. Bethel’s outrageous sexist and ageist behaviour. 

But what can we expect from a man who is politically inept – never being able to muster enough votes to consecutively win his seat? Exit polls have consistently shown that he cannot gather the support of young people or women. And now we know why!

Further, what can we expect of this FNM minister?

We in the PLP have always respected women and elevated them to the highest levels of political activity in our country. The first woman registered to vote and first woman parliamentarian, Ruby Ann Darling, is a PLP. The first woman Chairperson of a major political party, Glenys Hanna Martin, is a PLP. The first woman Deputy Prime Minister of this country, Cynthia ‘Mother’ Pratt, is a PLP. The PLP is the party that put forth constitutional amendments to enshrine women’s equality in our constitution. So while our respect and support for young women are without question – we know we cannot expect the same from Mr. Bethel.

Mr. Bethel, young women across this country are watching you. You are lucky you are not brave enough to ever again run for elected office. But in any event, the next time you see Jobeth Coleby Davis, you address her as SENATOR, not “young lady.” She is your colleague, your equal – and she represents a new generation of strong Bahamian women ready to fight for our country. Remember that. 

Danielle Evans

Spokesperson on Women’s Issues