The Public Life

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sildenafil doctor times;”>The reports of what or what did not happen in Bimini to the public official on Good Friday in Bimini is a lesson in how one has to be so careful in public life.   There are always people who do not know how you are, cheap always people standing ready to pounce.  There are no friends in public life.  Everyone has to be so careful.  That is the cost of being in public life.  So expecting people to know who you are should be banished from the consciousness of a public official.  Once  the late Princess Diana explained that she would take her young sons, both  Prince William and Prince Harry to the shop with her and make them wait on the line like ordinary people, to show them the value of simply being humble and accepting what it is to be an ordinary human being.  Public officials should never forget it.  The evidence in Bimini is that  whatever happened it has had no lasting effect politically  on the PLP and that it was really a set of bad news spread by FNM ideologues that are out to embarrass the party.