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Statement by Chairman of the PLP

Public Service Minister hypocritical on PLP hiring

For Immediate Release
14th April 2019

What a difference twenty-three months make. Brensil Rolle’s admission that a “large number” of persons hired by the PLP have been rehired not only flies in the face of the FNM’s propaganda and false narrative on these hirings, but proves the PLP was right in hiring these Bahamians.

How else can the FNM explain the mass rehiring of these workers?

The FNM, and in particular Ministers Rolle and Lloyd, repeatedly justified their foolish actions by saying that the PLP improperly hired these workers; that the hirings were unnecessary and politically motivated.

The FNM went further, claiming through the Attorney General that the mass separations would save the government $75 million.

As it turns out, the FNM does not believe its own propaganda. Their actions are rank with hypocrisy.

As for training, is it the new policy of this government to terminate workers they believe are in need of training until such time as they acquire this requisite training? If so, then how does Rolle reconcile and defend the actions of his government in the face of a scathing critique of the proficiency and efficiency if public servants by the Secretary to the Cabinet? Will this government now fire every deficient civil servant as per the critique of the STC?

On his comments about the lack of vetting of Customs and Immigration Officers, Mr. Rolle is misleading the public. All officers hired in sensitive positions by the PLP government were vetted by the police as per government policy.

There may have been situations where officers were conditionally hired pending the outcome of the vetting process due to heavy government bureaucracy.

Suffice it to say, each one of those persons hired under the PLP were given a job description and specific functions as Mr. Rolle realized and is finally publicly admitting.