The Punch Attacks Peter Turnquest

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Political analysis often requires reading the tea leaves.  You younger ones will pretty soon learn that the social construct of the landscape is as important as the direct clues as to what is going on. So it is with The Punch.  It is a lousy, nasty rag, full of lies and defamatory information but it has become of late the mouthpiece of the Prime Minister.  You will remember a picture of the Publisher Ivan Johnson sitting at  a meal with the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis. So we have started looking at The Punch as a clue as to what the Prime Minister is thinking or trying to do. The latest is that for the third edition in a row, The Punch has been mercilessly attacking Peter Turnquest, the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister.  Now we agree that Mr. Turnquest is hopeless.  But again reading the tea leaves, the attacks on Mr. Turnquest are so strident, you have to wonder whether there is trouble in the FNM camp.  So far, Mr. Turnquest has been left on his own to defend the bad loan that he obtained for The Bahamas at a whopping 8.95 per cent interest.