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Last week on Friday 1 November 2019, The Tribune carried a story FRED SMITH DEAD… MITCHELL DECLINES TO COMMENT.

The Tribune’s Editors must be natural asses.

What does Fred Mitchell have to comment on and what is the value of the story? The same comment can be given to the editor of The Punch, who despite his familial ties to Mr. Mitchell, makes money off his relative by promoting a steady diet of lies, homophobia, racism and political prejudice. No surprise there.  His own sisters had to take him to court to get what was left to them by their father.  His paper carried a headline: MAD MITCH PUTS DEATH WISH ON “ FEARLESS FRED”. Again just a load of rubbish and when you read the story, there is simply no truth in it. Lastly one must turn the attention to the megalomaniac of this century for The Bahamas: the Q C from hell. Instead of praying to God that he recovers, this man whose friends are mainly miscreants, reprobates and loony toons ( who have one thing in common, they are the puppets and he is the puppet master), is on the front page of the paper celebrating like he is some conquering lion, after according to him nearly escaping death. We don’t believe it for a moment of course. Comes off as the words of a drama queen. A publicity stunt.  He even circulated a video of him cursing the foulest words with his twisted foot showing. When you put this all together, you have to say birds of a  feather flock together. The Editor of the Tribune and The Punch are of course trained in the same milieu where newspapers in Britain will go out of their way to destroy anyone to make a buck for their paper. There is no surprise there. Homophobia, racism, political prejudice: all fair game to them. The Q C from hell with his broken foot simply needs in a political sense to go away  gently into the good night. He has attacked his own country  and sullied the name of this country far and abroad.  The three of these people then should go take themselves to a priest, confess their sins, go away and sin no more.