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The Foreign Couple enjoying their wedding, the Bahamian could not.

(Editor’s Note: FNM’s were frothing at the mouth when The Tribune printed 29 July 2020 an inaccurate headline which suggested that a foreign wedding in Harbour Island was excepted from the Covid 19 regulations by the Prime Minister at the request of the Leader of the Opposition.  As usual it was a lie. Senator Jobeth Davis printed the truth. There were two weddings: a Bahamian one and a foreign one. The foreign one got permission and the Bahamian did not. He was forced to go ahead with a reduced guest list.—Editor)

That Tribune headline can try all they want, but the TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE! If people would read! That [Bahamian] man lost $8,000 dollars when they had the first shut down in March. He rescheduled on a smaller scale for 30 persons. When the lockdown orders came he called Brave (his MP) to ask for some consideration because of his first initial loss. Brave reaches out to the PM, he told him he would advise the Commissioner of Police. UP TO AN HOUR BEFORE, the officers were still telling him they got no word of approval. He pleaded with them, and they told him they would grant him the permission to proceed with the ceremony with ONLY 5 persons because they have yet to get official word. His wedding proceeded with SEVEN persons, (including him and the Bride) SEVEN! No Junkanoo, no band NO NOTHING! And again the BAHAMIAN lost money because he prepared for 30, the PM never sent the permission in time and the officers made a judgement call WITH PROPER RESTRICTIONS! That’s the story! Now share that! 

Senator JoBeth Coleby Davis 

29 July 2020