The Reality Of Klay Thompson, Basketball Star

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generic viagra try times;”>The photo was taken at the Jeff Rodgers Basketball Camp for the summer on2 2nd July.  Mr. Rodgers has ( far left of the picture in the green shirt) has been doing this for decades, health helping young kids and their parents find their self-esteem and something to do in the summer.  He has the connections and always has the basketball stars that these kids could only see on TV, rx right there in their camp.  What greater lift this year than to have a winner Klay Thompson, a Bahamian in the House.  The kids loved it.    His father Mychael Thompson, another Bahamian winner, a generation before him spoke movingly at the presentation ceremony for the naming of the road after him on 23rd July that he ensured that both his son’s Klay and Mychael Jr. got to come to the Bahamas every year and be a part of the Jeff Rodgers Basketball Camp.   The younger Mr. Thompson also got his portrait presented to him by artist Jamaal Rolle