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Senator Fred Mitchell with the grandchildren of Stalwart Councillor John Rolle of Fox Hill at the Red Cross Fair at Clifford Park 7 April 2019 and with Leonardo and Reagan Hidalgo.

Well the Red Cross Fair is in the history books for this year.  It was a two day affair and they tried to change to model to attract more people especially the new generation to the fair. Interesting attempt and the pubic seemed generally pleased. Some complaints of sticker shock when asked to pay 10 dollars to get in a five dollar for children. No money left to spend. Vendors on the west side of the park suffered because seemed few people ventured that way.  The thrill of course was the zip line across the park. Perhaps more needs to be done to provide entertainment for children.  Night time brought out a big crowd from the music. Would be interesting to know year on year what the revenue results were. Running the  Red Cross is an expensive business and we are not sure Bahamians in this generation actually know of the good work that it does. But A for effort certainly and it’s a worthy cause.