The Rufa Case In Grand Bahama

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cialis usa rx times;”>(Statement From The Immigration Department)

viagra generic help times;”>Just as the people of Grand Bahama rose up and caused the expulsion of an errant Manager at the Memories Resort, pills there is quite a serious case to be made that they need to rise up with regard to Bruno Rufa. The following statement was issued by the Department of Immigration on the matter before the courts after his counsel Fred Smith QC led a group of so called supporters of Mr. Rufa in a demonstration before the courts. Was this an attempt intimidate the Court and the Department of Immigration?

Here is the Department’s statement:

29 January

The Tribune reported the following this morning with regard to the matter of Bruno Rufa, a matter that concerns the refusal of status of a non-Bahamian in Freeport:

“He [Fred Smith QC] said that Mr. Rufa and his partner, Sandra Georgiou, have both submitted applications for their annual homeowners resident card last May, along with required payment, to Bahamas Immigration, but their applications are still pending and have not been approved.”

In the public interest the Department wishes to say the following:
The statement quoted in materially incorrect. The applications are not pending. Both applications have been refused.

The matter is before the Courts and public demonstrations by non –nationals designed to put political pressure on the Government, the Department or the Courts are incompatible with the status of non-Bahamians in our country.

Governance issues, public policy matters in the public domain are consistent with rights of citizens of The Bahamas.

Minster for Immigration Fred Mitchell said today that he fully supports the work of the Department in this and other matters.