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The question everyone is asking and in answer to which all FNMs from the Hubert Minnis own down are blind, deaf and dumb, is how is that a man who is obviously a damn fool, wacky in the extreme, a crooked bad a criminal,  continuing to be on the public payroll dissing officials of the country and there appears to be no one who can govern him?  Omar Archer is a scum bag.  That much is certain.  He is a person without a moral conscience and a low i q.  But the Bahamian voters listened to this jackass and helped to usher in Hubert Minnis on a tide of misinformation and rubbish.  He has not stopped and it is clear that the public payroll is being used by the FNM administration to attack targets in the PLP.  In the latest bit of boorishness, he was arrested because he refused to honour a summons to be bound over to keep the peace. When the writ was issued from the bench for his failure to show, he instead did a video with him boasting about riding around in a BMW and flaunting it in the face of the police and the courts.  The next day he was arrested. He continues to work for the Ministry of Works. This is the low tide to which we have come in The Bahamas.  You have this low life Archer, you had before him Krissy Love, you have the Prime Minister using the nasty man who runs the Punch Ivan Johnson fronting his arguments for him as if The Punch were some official gazette: that is The Bahamas and its politics in 2019.  It is low tide in the affairs of the country.