The Sad Tale Of Two Lost People: Prince Harry and His Bride

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If these folks were not connected to us, what they do would not matter. Except that we decided to keep this ridiculous charade of having the Queen as the Head of State and our representatives MPs, Senators Ministers and Governors General all swear allegiance to her, her heirs and successors. Harry, Duke of Sussex, is one of her successors in law, although remotely so.  The man and his wife Meghan Markle had this fairy tale wedding two years ago, full of pomp and pageantry, just like his Dad and Mom two or so decades before. It appears that the fairy tale is not worth anything at all, and just as Charles and Diana before them fooled the public about what was actually going on, the act of the present couple seems to be wearing thin. These two people are enormously privileged. One by birth, the other by marriage. They have been carping and complaining about one thing or the next.  She said she has been under pressure because she is American and Black.  He takes issue with the treatment of himself as being intrusive and takes offence at the ad hominem attacks on his wife and racist.  They sulked and sued. They have been in Canada on sabbatical so to speak and the past week announced: well they’re stepping back from Royal duties and will be forging an independent life and  income or working on it.  Except that they are trying to have their cake and eat it too. They also did not follow the rules of the job which is you have to get permission from the Queen, which really means the Prime Minister,  before you announce things. His great grand uncle Edward resigned from the throne rather than conform to the advice given him by the then Prime Minister: you cannot marry an American divorcee.  This present chap and his wife knew the institution they were respectively born into and married into. It comes with the territory, all that they complain about.  Their role in exchange for all the money and support and protection is to be quiet, smile, kiss babies and shake hands. If you don’t like that stuff, then as they say get the hell out of the boat.  It just seems self-indulgent and a little cranky. He will no doubt plead the psychological damage from the way his mum was treated and how she died. He won’t be king, so in the end it does not affect us. This is a lesson though to young PLPs who want to take on the job of public life but only want to accept the glitz but not the school of hard knocks that it is.  But his job is just like any other public servant.  You get paid to do your job. His Uncle Andrew recently also found out the hard way as well. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.  He too is off the payroll. Despite all the fancy duds, and costumes and flying up and down with security, in the end its just a job.  When you can’t do your job, you’re fired or resign.