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Just when you thought this fellow Sarkis Izmirlian was dead and gone in an economic sense, the devil appears to be busy.  There was an extraordinary intervention in the press last week with the unrepentant Mr. Izmirlian reporting to the surprise of many that he had met with the Prime Minister and had a good meeting.  Mr. Izmirlian said he had made an offer to the Chinese Export Import Bank to put up the money to finish the project and to pay off all the local contractors and the Bank would not have to put up any money.  They say when something seems too good to be true then it is.  The proposal and the intervention was nonsense and reprehensible and in typical Izmirlian fashion was done with a wink and a nod.  First it was inappropriate of him to go and reveal a meeting with the Prime Minister without first clearing such a thing with the Prime Minister and then characterizing the meeting as  well.   Prime Ministers are in the business of being courteous and one suspects that this was all there was too it.  Then he had his minions like Dionysio D’Aguilar out on the hustings saying what a good thing it was that Mr. Izmirlian was reengaged.  Then the FNM joined in and said what a glorious thing it was.  Rubbish.  The facts: the proposal by the developer was given to the Chinese Export Import Bank in January.  Mr. Izmirlian didn’t mention that.  In March, the Export Import Bank issued a request from buyers without reference to the developer and further the notice said that there was to be no contact with the developer.  That should have told Mr. Izmirlian something: just butt out.  The Export Import Bank has no interest in him or his proposals.   We are concerned however that the Export Import Bank is unable to bring this to a conclusion. The project has been dead in the water for one year.  The promise was that it would have been opened by now.  The Bank has failed in that promise. The Government should take action and now open the development and put the people to work by means of public acquisition if necessary.