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There is a trend in The Bahamas that you can read the tea leaves of the Junkanoo results and tell what the mood of the country is.  Such was the fate of the Saxons Superstars Junkanoo Group.  This Group that got its start in Mason’s Addition just over the hill and that has been led by Percy “Vola” Francis of the generation of Winston “Gus” Cooper, the founder of the rivals the Valley Boys.  The Saxons have been through a bad patch what with funding issues and the push for change of leadership.  All of that seemed behind them and they won the Boxing Day parade last year.  That proved to their fans they still had it.  Their grief this year was that the Prime Minister rushes with them.  So just as in the case of Perry Christie rushing with the Valley Boys when he was Prime Minister and after Gus Cooper died and the Valley won, people are saying the Saxons lost because of the Hubert Minnis.  Mr. Minnis said in an interview with press that he was not concerned about the nation’s issues he was worrying about whether the Saxons would win junkanoo.  We have the answer. They lost.  People are writing the epitaph of the FNM as a result.  Two and two are still four, however.  When asked about the loss by the Saxons, the Prime Minister said, “on to the next one”.  Meaning, the next junkanoo parade?