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Senator Carl Bethel, Leader of the Government in the Senate

The conduct of the Government of The Bahamas with regard to its legislative agenda leaves a lot to be desired. Literally, it seems like they just roll out of bed in the morning with not one clear idea of what they going to do in the House of Assembly or the Senate.  The Leader of Government  Business Renward Wells is so much interested in blowing smoke up the posterior of the Prime Minister that he cannot even be counted on from minute to minute.  He tells the PLP one thing and then in a minute in the twinkling of an eye it is all changed. The Senate is even worse. The FNM cannot even tell when the  Senate is supposed to meet.  They too tell the PLP one thing and then come up  with something completely new the next minute. The FNM’s team in  the Senate is extremely weak . They do not know the Parliamentary procedures and are often guilty of sharp practice.  Their word cannot be counted on.  This is what we have come to in governance in The Bahamas.