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Ever since the Member of Parliament For Fox Hill commandeered the Fox Hill Community Centre for hurricane relief, there has been grumbling behind the scenes. This is largely because the MP did nothing to keep the centre open but now is front and centre like she owns the centre. She does not and the government does not. The building was not made for that and certainly not for it in the long term. The government which tried to shut the centre down with the connivance of the MP has not said who will pay the power bill, the water bill and they have allowed the pool to go green and is harboring mosquitoes.  Worse than it, the building is overcrowded with over 200 people in it.  The cesspit has had to be pumped serval times because it simply has too many people in it.  Further, the Government has not said with men women and children sleeping together who is responsible if there is an assault. Who is responsible if there is a fire?  The liability now rests on the nonprofit board and the Government has reneged on all of its obligations. The people of Fox Hill want to help those who are in distress but the Government needs to operate with sense and ensure that the building is preserved, that there is an end game and not forever and that they meet all the expenses of the centre while people are in it. This should not go on beyond  the end of October.