The Speaker Loses It

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So Halson Moultrie, the dumbest Speaker in the history of the Parliament bar none, has to go to the bathroom from his office with the plebes and criminals who visit with the lawyers who also occupy the building the Government is renting for his office.  This has pretty much pissed him off and he told the Parliament when it met on 21 October 2020 that if he building is not fixed, he will turn in the keys and not return to the office.  He went further to say that  he is sick and tired of having to go buying paper and pen from the Cabinet Secretary. Then he threw down the gauntlet.  He invited the Government to prorogue the House, hold another  vote of no confidence and he would step down if the vote was successful. This is hilarious.  He is trying to dress this up as some grand fight for the supremacy of parliament over the executive.  The reality is the FNM plans to run someone against him, deselect him and send him packing.  He told the press if he is not chosen as the candidate for Nassau Village, then the FNM will lose the seat. Let’s get the popcorn and watch.