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The Speaker of the House of Assembly Halson Moultrie is as dumb and unfit as they come. He was up to his old tricks again and this time it was to deny Chester Cooper,  Deputy Leader of the PLP the chance to refute the lies told by Michael Foulkes in the House of Assembly about Mr. Cooper. The following statement was issued by Mr. Cooper in response to the Speaker’s decision:

June 16, 2020

Today, my parliamentary colleagues and I walked out of the House of Assembly after the speaker undemocratically refused to allow me to speak on a point of privilege.

Out of courtesy, I gave notice on Monday that I wanted to speak on a Point of Privilege, outlining what I considered to be a breach by the member for Golden Gates.

This notice is attached.

My request was for the matter to be referred to the Committee on Privilege. I met with the Speaker along with the Leader of the Opposition and was promised that I would speak at 3pm today.

Instead we were ambushed by a ruling rejecting the application without hearing it and without disclosing the content of the application to the House.

Rule 37 of the Rules of Procedures of the House clearly allows a member to raise their concerns if they believe there was breach.

The Speaker refused to allow any opposition member to speak about the application or ruling.

We then left.

We will return for the Leader’s speech later today.

The fact of the matter is that the member for Golden Gates was wrong in his assertion and the speaker is wrong in his ruling.

The speaker appears to be attempting to shield the member for Golden Gates.

I respect the position of Speaker of the House, but the man who holds it today has again disrespected his own office.

Not only does he act like a pedantic and condescending bully, but he is bad for our democracy and is the worst speaker of the House since Majority Rule.

The great men and women who have held the position prior must be cringing in shame.