The State Of The Woodlawn Cemetery | 16 January 2021

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The owners of the Woodlawn Cemetery in Nassau have to be called into account for the state of the graveyard compared to  the price that people are being paid and the level of service which families get in the graveyard.  On Saturday 16 January 2021, the state of the graveyard seemed like much is desired. On the day of the funeral of Darold Miller’s mother, there was a row with the reps of the graveyard because they could not find the grave of a young man’s mother.  He was furious.  He said in aloud voice over the funeral that he had been there for days trying to get answers  but he could not get them. There is talk that this is a regular occurrence at the cemetery.  One can understand why when you actually look at the photos taken at the grave side services of the late Trevor Mackey  of ZNS .  The site is unfinished. The priest  and families had to walk over temporary wooden  flooring.  People were walking over other people’s graves and looking at the temporary name plates that they had installed could have dialoged and been lost. The word is that a plot cost 8 thousand dollars .  Is this an appropriate level of service and a dignified burial for people and families spending that kind of money?