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Western Air Terminal In Freeport Wrecked

Let us start from the outset. 

We condemn Hubert Minnis and his entire government over the way they have managed Hurricane Dorian and its aftermath.

They are lousy, incompetent and insensitive.

There is no kumbyha moment here.

There are scores who have died.

They have died because of the negligence of Hubert Minnis’ Government.

The Government knew or had to have known that the Hurricane was going to be catastrophic and did not take the steps to protect the population.

In the aftermath of the storm the communications collapsed, the power collapsed, the land infrastructure collapsed. They were told before the storm that this would happen.

Two experts from America told them evacuate the population. The results would be so extreme that it would take days to mount a rescue not hours.  We says like Hamlet: “ Oh our prophetic souls”

They knew that civil disorder would ensue if the Police and Defence force were not in place.  They did not ensure that the Defence Force was in place.  As a matter of fact, they ensured that the men who had the experience were removed from duty because they were PLPs or said to be followers of the former Commodore Butch Scavella.  In the end, they had to call them back to duty but too late.

Since the storm they have embarrassed this country by making us look like a beggar nation and getting plaudits from of all people Donald Trump because we went begging for help.  Our Prime Minister came off like an obsequious idiot. A lap dog. A lost soul.

He couldn’t distinguish between the death of his brother, a regrettable coincidence ( but it had nothing to do with the storm) and the suffering of people generally because of his Government’s negligence.

Now we all suffer. They couldn’t even keep the power on in New Providence here nothing happened.

The PLP must be very careful not be complicit in this stuff.

This is not the fight of the PLP.

This is the responsibility of this people’s time crew that got elected to office.  They were hopeless and hapless from day one.  They remain so today.