The Strange Case Of Bruno Rafa

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The following statement is the Communication in The House of Assembly by Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration on the case of Bruno Rafa pictured above. He is a Canadian who has a condominium in Freeport and is before the Courts in The Bahamas for working without a work permit On Thursday 24th December, Mr. Rafa’s attorney Fred Smith Q. C.  claimed that the Director of Immigration had cancelled leave given for 150 days and reduced it to 7 days and threatened to go to Court.   You may click here for the full communication to the Parliament by the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the matter. The Department of Immigration had issued the following earlier statement in response to Mr. Smith’s claim that the court had given Mr. Rafa 150 days in The Bahamas:

22nd December 2015

Statement from the Department of Immigration

In response to the article in the business section of the Tribune on the Bruno Rafa matter published on Tuesday the 22nd December 2015, the Department of Immigration states the following:

At all times in the Rafa matter, the Department of Immigration acted according to the law and well established practices.

The department disagrees with the court’s decision as to the law and accepts only that it is confined to its own facts. The legal status of Mr. Rafa in The Bahamas continues to be under review.

Characterizing the enforcement of the country’s immigration laws as a threat to investors generally is a figment of the vivid imagination of Mr. Fred Smith Q.C.