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So the Junkanoo results this year remind you of the saying “ not every good-bye is gone”. On Boxing Day 2019 the Junkanoo Corporation (JCNP) announced that the Valley Boy’s  A Group had won the parade. They did so by a hair’s breadth. The Saxons were hard on their heels.  The Corporation said that the results were unofficial.  The Saxons appealed the results.  Under the agreed procedures, the Saxons appealed. Last week, the Corporation announced that the appeal was successful and that the result now conferred the winning laurel on the Saxons. The Valley was incensed and in a fit of pique announced that they were resigning from the Corporation and they would no longer participate in any parade sponsored or organized by the JCNP.  Oh well! Perry Christie, former Prime Minister, said he was willing to mediate as did the Minister of Culture. But Brian Adderley, the Leader of the Valley, has said they are willing to talk to anyone but they are not going to rush.  We will see how long they can keep that up.