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cialis canada malady times;”>fmitchell20 August 2015

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Nassau, Bahamas – The following is a statement from Fred Mitchell, Minster of Immigration:

I wish to state that the story in The Nassau Guardian of this morning on page 2 headlined: DEADLINE EXTENDED FOR STUDENT PERMITS is inaccurate.  

The quote attributed to me is accurate but “the ministry” referred to in the quote was not mine or the Department of Immigration but the Ministry of Education. This fact asserted in the quote is confirmed later in the story when you quoted the Minister of Education.  

There is no change in the deadline for resident permits. All people in The Bahamas including students must have a resident permit to be in The Bahamas. Entry into the schools is a matter for the Minister for Education.  My understanding is that provisional registration will be possible for students and this will be available to allow those who are unable to produce their documentation to do so within 90 days of registering in school.  

I Repeat: there is no extension of any deadline from the Department of Immigration.