The Suspicious Six And The FNM

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The Save The Bays Gang

The Ismerlian Gang

They have been identified as the “Suspicious Six” of the FNM.  These are the three FNM candidates tied to Save The Bays, Billionaire Louis Bacon’s money which the Parliament was told was funnelled through Fred Smith QC to fund various anti PLP projects in The Bahamas.  The other half of the “Suspicious Six” are the three FNM candidates tied to bitter and filed palm oil salesman from Lyford Cay Sarkis Ismerlian who invested in Bahamar bankrupted his company twice and now is blaming the PLP for his problems.  The Save The Bays gang are the FNM candidates for Marathon, Long Island and Marco City and the Ismerlian gang are the FNM candidates for South Beach, Mt. Moriah and Freetown.  The Bahamian people are entitled to ask who will they serve if they are elected, God forbid, to office: Louis Bacon and Save The Bays with Fred Smith or Sarkis Ismerlian or the Bahamian people.  Inquiring minds want to know.