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The meeting of the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis with the FNM faithful had a high billing and a big build up. The Freeport News led the week with the story of a showdown of a kind in Freeport between the PLP and the FNM.  It was not supposed to be that way.  The PLP was at this time supposed to be dead quiet.  Not a word from them. That’s what the vixen at the Nassau Guardian would have happen.  The FNM is perplexed that 22 months since the general election, the PLP has their feet to the fire.

So, Mr. Minnis whose FNM government has been an absolute failure in Grand Bahama came to rally the faithful.  He billed it as a meeting to say why he did not think that Duane Sands and Marvin Dames ought to resign.  The two of them stand judicially condemned for their conduct in the COP vs Frank Smith case. The PLP called for their resignations.  The Leader of the PLP Philip Davis said resign or be dismissed.  Instead the Minnis Government is doubling down in wrongdoing.  Dr. Minnis said not a word about the two ministers but instead started attacking in a personal way the Leader and Deputy Leader of  the PLP.

Smarty pants Dr. Duane Sands said in response to the latest call: the devil is a liar.  No Dr. Sands, in this case the liar is you. You must resign.  If you do not resign, you should be dismissed. You gave a two million dollar contract to a material witness in a case against your political opponent just before the witness was to testify.  It does not pass the smell test.  No Attorney General’s office can rectify that grave ethical error.

The same goes for the inscrutable Marvin Dames, the National Security Minister, who cannot stop talking. Since he was condemned for holding a meeting with the material witness in his constituency headquarters, no one believes that the material witness was not coaxed in the matter.  Again, it does not pass the smell test.

The point is, it wasn’t the PLP that condemned their behavior.  It was the courts.  The two men continue to sit.

Dr. Minnis promised that when he went to Freeport, he would reveal why they should not resign.  He also promised that he would reveal much about the PLP.  Well of course, that meant the PLP had to brace for the usual menu of corruption talk.

The problem about corruption talk about the PLP is that it is irrelevant.  In the face of a bad performance as a government, the corruption talk finds no resonance. The fact is Mr. Minnis and his Government have a line of corruption allegations that they have to answer.

So, the rally in Freeport fell flat.  There was nothing new to offer. Mr. Minnis kept talking about what they are going to do.  Problem is the FNM has runout of time. Two years are almost up and not one shovel in the ground for any new project in Grand Bahama. People have lost faith in him and his ability to deliver.

At the end of his speech, he said that he would be running for a second term. He would then retire he said.  He will not live to see a day like it.  The Bahamian people will remove hm and relieve him of that problem.

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