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Statement From The Chairman Of The PLP

Leader of The Opposition In The Senate

26 April 2019

For Immediate Release

The Prime Minister suddenly found traffic cop religion last week when he responded to the United States Government’s warning about road traffic fatalities. The Prime Minister said that he would support a change in the laws on traffic fatalities. It is interesting how the Prime Minister ignores the pleas of Bahamians, but as soon as the United States says something, he jumps.

The Bill to Amend the Road Traffic Act is now before the Senate. While it seeks to criminalize driving without a drivers license and using a cell phone while driving, it does not deal with the charge “killing in the course of dangerous driving”.

The Shadow Transport Minister Glenys Hanna Martin has called for the entire Road Traffic regime to be revamped.  Much of the work was done during her time in office as Minister.

The PLP issues a challenge to the Prime Minister, the Attorney General and Government Leader in the Senate, the FNM and the Government. Bring an amendment in the Senate at its next sitting to deal with fatalities in road traffic accidents. Let us not wait a moment more.  The PLP will raise no procedural objections.

The Tinker family is but one example of a family, among many, that has been campaigning for the law to change in this area.  They have been ignored. We think since the Prime Minister had new found zeal with this issue, let’s do it now.