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Decamping from the helicopter ride from the White House to enter hospital
Donald Trump 2 October 2020

When looking at the reports of the news that that U S President Donald Trump was Covid positive, we all thought “ good for his ass”.  We told you so.  In The Bahamas, we would say: “you too stupid”.  But when you watch the coverage in the U S media there is this false equivalence; one supposed that they are trying to be even handed, even though the man is so antagonistic and unfair to them.

Joe Biden for example who is running for President and was interrupted rudely time after time by the imp in the White House  offered the prayers from himself and his wife  for the recovery of the President from Covid 19. But do you think that if the shoe were on the other foot, Donald Trump would be offering prayers?  He would have been mocking Mr. Biden and  jumping up and down about the fact that Mr. Biden was proven now to be weak because he got Covid.

The people of the U S have great instincts like people in all empires.  They have built a successful civilization which dominates the world. America has not been a moral experiment but an example of how raw power operates in a Darwinist world, where the fittest survive and power is the only fact.  We live in the era of the Pax Americana, the American peace.   They are the successors to the Egyptians, the Romans, The  Holy Roman Empire, the Ottomans, the British in enforcing the peace, the law and the moral order. Donald Trump deconstructed all of that and let his country down by foolish  venal and self-absorbed behaviour. The people of the U.S. on 3 November have a chance to get it right by removing him from office and saying good bye to the spiteful racist pettiness.

This is no time in our view to be teary eyed about Covid.  The U. S. should elect Joe Biden to restore sanity and order to the United States and to the world.

So we watch to see about the Covid recovery of the U.S. first couple, but what we really want to see is the Democrats in control of the executive branch and the legislature again,  Hopefully, they will  have learned their lesson and bring sanity back to the world.