The Tribunes Lies On Fred Mitchell

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Photo by Peter Ramsay of the Bahamas Information Services

by Fred Mitchell 
Minister of Foreign Affairs 
On Tribune Opinion Piece: “Mitchell’s Shame”

For Immediate Release

18 November

Today I have been shown another piece written in The Tribune under the headline “Mitchell’s Shame”, in which statements are continuing to be attributed to me, statements which I have never said.

The only shame is the lying drivel contained within the article. The writer has no clue what he or she is talking about. They are totally lost in space.

Again for the record, I have not made any comments about the decision involving Bahamians who have petitioned the Inter American Commission on Human Rights claiming that their lives were in danger.

At the very least, The Tribune and other media houses have an obligation to provide accurate reporting and not continue to parrot false narrative propaganda.

Try accuracy. It may set you free.


For Immediate Release 
Statement by Fred Mitchell Foreign Minister On Tribune Editorial

17 November

I have been shown a copy of an editorial written by Eileen Carron in The Tribune about the Government’s response to the Inter American Human Rights Commission’s decision on petitions by five Bahamians that their lives were in danger because of acts or omissions by the state. She attributes statements to me about the decision which I have not said.

For the record I have made no statement with regard to that decision.

Mrs. Carron is once again getting carried away with her own drivel. It’s particularly dangerous when she starts believing her own propaganda.