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President Joe Biden of the United States with his envoy former Senator Chris Dodd

The Summit of the Americas, the gathering every three years or so, of all the nations of the American is scheduled for June in Los Angeles hosted by the United States.  They have had these summers regularly since 1994.  The last two summits Cuba was invited to the Summit. President Barak Obama was there  and they were also invited to the summit in Peru, the last one.  This time the United States says they will not be invited.  They say because Cuba is not a democratically elected government.  Well if you use that standard then Haiti should not be invited either.  Then they intend to invite the Leader of the Opposition in Venezuela because they say he is the legitimate President of Venezuela when there is no evidence of that.  They are also excluding Nicaragua, who is still a member of the sponsoring Organization of American States(OAS).  Unfortunately the Caricom countries the best they can do is threaten a boycott but they do not have the balls to do so.  The Americans have dismissed as posturing the  actions of the Caricom countries who are threatening not to come and they have dispatched former Senator Chris Dodd to tell them come or else.  The Mexican President says he will not come and neither will the President of  Brazil of Bolivia, if Cuba is not present.  So far there is a standoff.