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Secretary of State Michael Pompeo: their report on transparency trashes The Bahamas.

The United States Government during the last week issued another one of these reports in which they denounce other countries for the systems that they have. This time it’s saying that The Bahamas does not meet the standards of transparency in its public procurement procedures.  This is ludicrous and for once The Bahamas government  found the courage to open their mouths and tell them so.  Although it was Peter Turnquest with the squeak of a mouse and not the roar of a lion.  The United States has a double standard on this matter. They say that your procedures must be transparent by that they mean they must be open and published when seeking public procurement.  Of course,   this does not apply so long as U S businesses get all the business.  The U S Government got peeved at the last PLP government  because they were not allowing US businesses to get the contract to run BPL.  They had an active lobby to interfere with the process so that a U S firm could get the business. The firm did.  Later the FNM pushed the firm out. However, the point we make is that the US cannot preach to anyone about standards.  First of all, their own country is found wanting on that and so many other things but the record here shows that all they are really interested in is us giving the work to U S companies.