The Union Still Disagreeing With The Government On The Freeport Airport Disaster

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Lashan Gray, and President of the Air Traffic Controller’s Union

decease times;”>Lashan Gray, the President  of the Bahamas Air traffic Controllers Union is at it again. Despite a settlement of the issues on overtime, the madness continues.  It appears that some sort of disciplinary action is to be taken against the air traffic controller who took it upon himself to close down the airport in Freeport and caused tens of thousands of losses to the airline because of a necessary diversion to Nassau.  Ms. Gray is unrepentant and says in her press  release that she  doesn’t give a crap about that and is standing by their traffic controller.   It wasn’t his fault it was the government’s fault.  The government must have been on duty that night. Yes she also claims that victimization is afoot.  Since when does a disciplinary action for  a possible disciplinary infraction become victimization. Only in the crazy imagination of Ms. Gray.  Her press release is below.