The Unstable Parliamentary Majority

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It hasn’t been a week yet and the FNM majority in the House of Assembly is showing signs of wear and tear.  Trust one of Fred Smith’s crazies Adrian Gibson, the rookie MP from Long Island, to be the first to burst the bubble.  He said that he was disappointed that the Prime Minister did not choose him for the Cabinet.  Ah my! Just reach and didn’t get your life’s ambition in one fell swoop.  But what do you think Brensil Rolle must be thinking.  Here he is an experienced Parliamentary Secretary and the man brings in Darren Henfield, makes him a Minister of Foreign Affairs but he Brensil Rolle is a Minister of State.  Well as the loony Mr. Gibson said, it is the prerogative of the Prime Minister so suffer it to be so.  Our point is with 17 ministers and 18 backbenchers, this is gonna be one helluva ride.