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We wish to congratulate the vendors of the Potter’s Cay Market for their demonstration on Thursday 3rd October 2019 outside of the offices of the management of the Potter’s Cay Dock.  Since a shooting on Potter’s Cay during the summer time, the place has been left without any business. The police cracked down in such a draconian way that there is no business on the dock.  The businesses have been closing one by one, laying off staff. You would think that the government would treat this with more urgent concern. An appeal to the Minister for Agriculture Michael Pintard has gone exactly nowhere. Maybe he is too busy pretending to rescue the perishing and caring for the dying in the presence of the cameras in Freeport.  The police themselves are unsympathetic.  The Vendors took to the streets to protest the management of the cay by the Prime Minister’s brother Bishop Gregory Minnis.  Let’s see what will happen now.